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Let’s Stick Together

In the excitement and utter exhaustion of becoming new mums and dads, the first thing that can get overlooked is your own relationship. ‘Let’s Stick Together’ introduces simple, practical skills that really work within a relationship. It doesn’t matter how different we are as individuals and couples. It doesn’t matter what our circumstances are. The principles of a successful relationship are common to all. It’s how we manage our differences that really matters. ‘Let’s Stick Together’ offers positive and practical ideas for how to handle those inevitable differences.

Let's Stick TogetherLet’s Stick Together looks at some of the bad habits that can affect all relationships:

  • S Scoring points
  • T Thinking the worst
  • O Opting out
  • P Putting down

Then the good habits that help relationships, using Dr Gary Chapman’s ‘The Five Love Languages’:

    • Quality time
    • Words of affirmation
    • Gifts
    • Acts of service
    • Physical touch

Find out more about The Five Love Languages.

Finally, for many couples the easiest option can be for mum to take over most or all of the parenting role and for dad to drift into the background, the message here is – ‘work as a team’, it makes things a lot easier and make sure your spend time together.

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Lets Stick Together

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