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6 Great Ways to Celebrate Being a Single Parent on Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day can often be a taboo for single parents.  Here are 6 great ways to reclaim and enjoy this day for yourself and your family.

  1. Make a special dinner for you and the children. Splash out and cook your favourite dinner or make food that is the colour of love, cooking all things red like bolognaise for a main course and red jelly for desert. Purchase a heart shaped baking tin and bake a cake together. Cut radishes into rose bud shapes and stick them on skewers. Put them in a vase as an edible centre piece.
  2. Get together with your friends. If you are a single mum, invite a load of your girlfriends over and have a pamper night when the children have gone to bed. Enjoy a bottle of wine together and some chocolates. You could even have a “secret Santa” where you each buy a gift, wrap it up and each choose one from the bag. If you are a single Dad, invite your mates round to watch the football or an action movie, and enjoy a take away or steak and a pint.
  3. Remember those on their own and in need. As alone as we may feel during this season, there are always people who are completely alone with no one around, such as the elderly. Thinking of them before yourself can create an atmosphere of hope and bring joy to someone who doesn’t expect it. Make a card with your children and pop it into the letterbox of someone you know who is living alone or bake some cupcakes with your children and deliver them to the local nursing home or food bank.
  4. Pamper yourself. Enjoy a soak in the bath, eat some chocolates guilt free or have a glass of wine. Buy yourself a little something to treat yourself. Dads, take time to read some of your favourite magazines or get a babysitter in so that you can go out and play a game of pool with your mates.
  5. Tell your children you love them. Give your children a big hug and a kiss. Think of some of their unique talents and qualities and let them know how proud you are of them.
  6. Surprise your children with a gift on Valentine’s Day morning. Purchase a little card and some chocolates for your children and put them out for them to see when they get up in the morning.