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Single Parent Support: ‘Being Single’

by Elaine Ward


I’ve really struggled with using the word single

About me!

It felt like saying – incomplete, lonely, rejected,

But it needn’t be.

It’s not like with tennis

Because for singles

You need two.

With cream, it means – thin,

Not easily whipped up,

Well, that’s not always true!

It’s only one, not double,

Not a multiple of anything.

Valid only for one way.

With no return,

But, it needn’t be alone.

It means unmarried,

But not friendless.

Often purposeful

As in single-minded.

Sometimes orderly

As in single file.

It can be hard going,

As in single parent,

But, it needn’t be alone.

It could be without help,

As in single handed,

But it needn’t be.

It could be associated with others

As in single market,

Or shared between many,

Intended to make life easier

As in single currency.

Sometimes designed just for one

Giving private space

Like in single room.


I’ve looked in my dictionary

And studied it carefully,

And nowhere does it say

That single is alone,


Just individual

And special.