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Because family life matters

Meet our parent support volunteers

With over a hundred fantastic volunteers across the UK we are offering befriending to those with children with additional needs, and delivering practical courses equipping parents to do the best job they can.

Heather Pyne

Heather Pyne – Parent Facilitator


 I attended Positive Parenting courses three times when my children were little and more recently attended their course ” Time Out for ASD “. I found the courses really helpful, so when I had the opportunity to train as a facilitator for Positive Parenting courses I jumped at the chance. Children don’t come with instruction manuals and it’s probably the only job we can do where training isn’t required. It is so important to encourage, support and equip parents in the vital and undervalued role that they have in bringing up the next generation; prevention is so much better than cure. I’m really looking forward to running the courses in my local community.



G Slaney 400450

Geraldine Slaney – Additional Needs Befriender

On our journey, the most positive part has been the support of our family and friends. They have been there with us, practically and emotionally. The empathy from friends with similar experiences, and their continued acceptance of us, even when we’ve not been at our best, has been a lifeline. I became an additional needs befriender so that I can support others as they experience a similar journey. I know I am not alone on this journey and I want others to know this too.