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Fundraising ideas

There’s a reason why the word ‘fun’ can be found in ‘fundraising’! We’re looking for people who love to support a good cause and have fun while doing it.

The sky’s the limit in what you could do to raise much needed funds for Care for the Family and make a huge difference to peoples lives – just a small amount can go a long way.

  • £20 can pay for a bereaved person to attend one of our hope giving day events.
  • £50 can help subsidise a family building break for a single parent family
  • £350 trains a volunteer to deliver relationship education sessions for new parents

Here are few events ideas to get you started:

Coffee and cake fundraiser
Care for a cupcake

Enjoy baking? Why not hold a Care for a Cupcake fundraiser! Stock up on some yummy treats, invite your friends over, and they can buy a cupcake while sharing a tea or coffee with you.

Host a roast
Host a Roast

Enjoy the great British tradition of Sunday lunch while raising money. Instead of going to a restaurant for a family meal, cook a roast at home and get everyone to donate the cost of their meal to Care for the Family.

Run for the Family

If you love running, join Team: Care for the Family and take part in some well known running events such as BUPA 10K, or even the London marathon.

Celebrate and give
Celebrate and Give

When celebrating an occasion such as an anniversary or birthday, we’ve found that many people have used it as an opportunity to ask for donation in lieu (or as well as!) a present. It’s a simple and personal way to celebrate a special day.

Fundraising Ideas
Other fundraising ideas

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, then click here for a few more ideas!

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If you’re planning a fundraising event, fill in the form below and let us know! We can help and support you every step of the way, beginning with a fundraising pack to get you started.

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