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Meet our bereavement support volunteers

These are some of our wonderful volunteers, who use their personal experiences of bereavement to support those going through life's most painful situations


Chantal Davies

“So much is expressed in a widow’s voice over the phone or even in her silence as to what she is feeling. It is so wonderful to sense the smile after the tears and to be able to laugh together about seemingly crazy thoughts or reactions to situations. This comes from a security in expressing deep thoughts and emotions in a safe environment. What a joy and privilege for me to encourage seeds of hope in these lovely ladies lives!”




Steve White

Steve White

“Supporting young widowers has been a real privilege for me. The full responsibility of parenting, housekeeping and breadwinning hits like a knock-out blow when they are suffering powerful and painful emotions and wrestling with coming to terms with losing their love and confidante and hopes for the future. I’ve received awesome responses through sharing practical and emotional experiences in a safe environment.”




Jumoke Kiladejo

Jumoke Kiladejo

“Volunteering has been a deeply rewarding and uplifting experience and has given me the opportunity to meet some fantastic people along the way.”

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