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Befriending at Care for the Family provides support and gives hope to those who are experiencing storms in life, through telephone and email.

Befriending is an essential part of the support that we provide to families.

It involves one person listening to and supporting another person who is going through a difficult experience.

Our befriending projects cover certain specific areas Bereaved Parent Support, Widowed Young Support , and Additional Needs Support.

When you speak to a Befriender you will be speaking to a person whose own experience is similar to yours.

A Befriender is someone with sensitive ear to listen to you and how you are feeling.

From this place of personal experience of living with loss, our network of trained volunteers can gently come alongside you through our telephone befriending support.

It’s really simple to connect with a befriender. Here’s how it works:

1. Call or email Care for the Family and ask to be put in contact with a befriender.

2. After listening to your story, our co-ordinator will link you to a befriender whose experiences best match your needs and situation.

3. The befriender will then contact you to start the befriending relationship.

Steve and Paula

Steve and Paula are widowed young project co-ordinators for Care for the Family. The were both widowed young before remarrying, this is their story.

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Rachel and Steve’s second child Nicola was born with severe additional needs. Rachel talks about the impact this has had on their marriage, on their other children and on family life in general.

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Mike and Kath

Care for the Family’s Bereaved Parent Support coordinators Mike and Kath Coulson tell us their story following the death of their son Philip. They share some of the things that have helped them on their journey and how they came to head up the team that now offers a range of support to bereaved parents.

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For more information on our befriending networks, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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