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Because family life matters

Meet our volunteers!

Ian and Helen Wills

Let’s Stick Together presenters

“Let’s Stick Together, an hour session for new parents to help keep relationships strong, is challenging and exhilarating in equal measure. Challenging to step into the unfamiliar world of modern mums and babies group (we are grandparents now) and exhilarating to be able to share some brilliant tips for building relationships and keeping families together.

It’s lovely to see mums and dads listening, sharing tips from their own lives, and sometimes saying, “Ah, that explains why we….” making the presentation more interactive. We take Let’s Stick Together to Childrens Centres, church groups and other groups for parents of small children. We’ve been married 45 years and are still friends and would love that to be the case for all couples bringing up children.”

Geraldine Slaney

Additional Needs Support Befriender

On our journey, the most positive part has been the support of our family and friends.  They have been there with us, practically and emotionally.  The empathy from friends with similar experiences, and their continued acceptance of us, even when we’ve not been at our best, has been a lifeline.

I became an additional needs befriender with Care for the Family so that I can support others as they experience a similar journey.  I know I am not alone on this journey and I want other to know this too. It has been a privilege to offer a listening ear to many other parents and I would encourage anyone who feels they might benefit from Care for the Family’s additional needs support to get in touch – someone is ready to stand alongside them.”


Yemi Adeeko

Positive Parenting facilitator

Yemi runs Positive Parenting courses to help parents build strong relationships with their children.

“My name is Yemi, I’m married to Tunda and we are blessed with two children. I’m really passionate about helping others in their personal growth. My desire is for others to gain clarity on their journey and destination so that they can reach their true potential.”

We love to hear from parents about the impact the course has had on their lives. Parents Ruth and John said, “We took away so many helpful things and our relationship with our son is remarkably different already. We’re sure there will be challenging times ahead but we now feel so much better prepared to deal with these times. Thank you for the course; it has made a real difference to our family.”

Thank you for this great opportunity to be a blessing and to be blessed.”

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