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Let’s Stick Together Courses

9th November 2015

Already this year over 80 people have been through our Let’s Stick Together course at the ante natal day at Nobles Hospital.  This day is held on the first weekend of the month and our incredible team of volunteers take it in turns to present this great paradigm shifting course at around 4pm .  This 45 minute course is designed to help parents navigate their relationship change with the addition of their first child.  As great as a new baby is, sleep deprivation is still used as a form of torture and when we are tired and unsure of ourselves we can react to our partners in ways we never thought possible!  Let’s Stick Together gives new parents relational handles to hold onto to stop the bad habits, include at least one new good habit and to remember they are a team.

This course is great as part of an ante natal day or even in bite sizes as part of the help a Toddler group could provide.

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Here is a true life photo taken in the home of a recent Let’s Stick Together delegate:

lets stick togethe rSTOP photo

What a great reminder every day that your partner is valuable enough to STOP those bad habits.

Thank you to Joel and Naomi Brockett who faithfully manage this course and the volunteers who run it.