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Parentalk – surviving the under 12’s

7th May 2015

On Thursday 7th May the Isle of Man hosted Parentalk – surviving the under 12’s at the Palace Hotel.  It was masterfully presented by bestselling author Rob Parsons OBE and Katharine Hill, UK director for Care for Family. The problem with parenting is that often by the time we get the hang of it – we’re redundant!  Rob and Katherine transported the audience to all the familiar emotions of raising young children and touched on subjects like; the importance of traditions and parenting with elastic to name just a couple.  Parenting is an emotional roller coaster!  The audience were comforted by the fact that many others like Rob and Katharine have gone before us on this parenting journey and survived!  They also offered tools to help the parents in the audience create an environment where children can feel a sense of belonging and acceptance and where the right boundaries are put in place.

Many members of the audience took the Parentalk resource in order to run a Parentalk course with members of their community.  We look forward to hearing the reports on how these courses are going.

Graham Smith was the proud winner of the hamper.

It was a great night and we look forward to the next Care for the Family event on the Isle of Man


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