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Prepare/Enrich Training for Volunteers

12th September 2015

We are very excited to report that 7 volunteers who are trained to deliver ‘Marriage By Design’ and ‘Let’s Stick Together’ courses were trained to deliver the world renowned resource, Prepare/Enrich on Saturday 12th September.  The Sefton Hotel  generously provided the venue and refreshments and a great all round experience for us.  We were trained by Nicola Greene from Prepare/Enrich.  The training was fascinating and we are very excited to be able to offer this tool on the Isle of Man.

We are hoping to offer Marriage and Let’s Stick Together Delegates the opportunity to use this tool for their relationships and to engage with us on a more personal basis should they wish to.

Prepare/Enrich is a questionnaire based psychometric test which couples take individually but are assessed together as a couple.  Categories include Strength and Growth areas, Relationship Dynamics, Personal Stress Profile, Creating a Family and Couple Map and Personality Scales.  Couples are encouraged to come back and talk about their profile with their facilitators at least 3 times in order to discuss areas of strength and growth and develop goals and action points for their relationship.  This tool is highly measurable with couples achieving high measures of success really quickly with simple take home points which encourage them to keep going and reach their goals.


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