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Supporting new Mums and Dads Every Month

19th August 2013

Let's Stick TogetherSince August 2013 we have had a consistent presence with the local midwives in the antenatal day held at Nobles Hospital each month. We have 5 committed volunteers who all understand the challenges of 1st time parenting and rotate the delivery (pardon the pun!) of this session each month.

Joel & Naomi, trained Care for the Family volunteers and recent first time parents say: ‘The ante-natal day is an amazing opportunity to reach both Mums to be and first time Dads together in the same room. Alongside learning about the birth and caring for their new baby, expectant parents will have the opportunity to explore the potential impact and changes that will occur in their relationship; equipping Mums & Dads to recognise and nip in the bud, bad habits, whilst cultivating good habits as they work together to bring up their child.’

Let’s Stick Together is a simple one hour seminar which can be delivered in any amount of bite sized chunks to suit the audience.  It aims to help couples focus on strengthening their relationship following the birth of their first child and the subsequent changing and often challenging dynamics.

On the island in 2012, 300 babies were born to first time parents and 270 couples attended the pre-birth information day. National statistics tell us that 48% of all children will see their parents separate before they turn sixteen, and of those parents separating, 50% will do so within 3 years of the birth of their first child. Using three key principles and partnership working, 90% of new mums and dads will receive practical tips to help build a strong family life.