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Volunteers Christmas Party

5th December 2015

Our volunteers are very special (!) as the photos below reveal 🙂

We have a lot of fun together but we work hard too!  2015 was a really busy year with a National Representative change over and the continuation of many projects.  Unfortunately due to the terrible weather on the Isle of Man that weekend, there were many volunteers who couldn’t make it to our lovely meal at St John’s Mill but those who did had a great meal and we played some entertaining Christmas Table games too!

These were our achievements for 2015.  We couldn’t do this without these incredible people!

Let’s Stick Together

  • We have had over 80 people go through this course at the ante natal day at Nobles Hospital this year.


  • Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill presented at a sold out event which was followed up by the Roadshow event with 17 people being trained to deliver the community resource
  • 3 community groups have been registered with 2 completed in 2015

Marriage By Design

  • Developed a consistent presence at wedding fairs with over 50 contacts being made
  • 16 couples through MBD with 9 being as a result of the wedding fairs
  • Developed a partnership with Prepare / Enrich to enhance our marriage preparation with 4 couples being trained.

Radio Presence

  • Thought for the day for marriage week, family week and back to school – all delivered by volunteers
  • While we are thanking Trish.. we also had our first IOM representation at the Take a Break Holidays
  • Trish has also said she will head up the single parent network on the Island and is liaising with Kat the new Single Parent co-ordinator on getting that off the ground next year

Time Out for Parents

  • 4 courses run.  A teenage course, 2 Early and a hybrid course through a church group

Annette & KatieTrishPaulJohn and Ali