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Saving costs for the big day

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How engaged couples can save costs when preparing for the big day – an interview with Katharine Hill.

A Huffington Post article recently reported on the average cost of a wedding now being £27,000. First of all, can you believe that?

That is an astonishing amount of money! Isn’t it? So much money. I can believe it, though. We have four children, and recently three got married in the space of thirteen months. And it seemed everything that we saw, everything that had the ‘wedding tag’ attached to it had a whole lot of extra noughts on the end.

So what would you say to couples who want to get married but see those sorts of costs and just think it’s not achievable?

I would say don’t let the costs get in the way of getting engaged, married and planning a lovely day. It doesn’t have to cost all that amount of money. I would say set a budget, work out the things that are important to you for the day and then spend more money on those and less on maybe other things. So, you might want lots of people just for drinks and cakes, you might want fewer people for a sit down meal. You can choose!

I would also say scour Pinterest and have lots of fun; if you’re crafty there’s things that you can make, and involve family and friends. People love getting involved. They also love chipping in and helping. And, in all of that, I would say, just keep in mind what it’s really all about …

Read the full survey results from here and the Huffington Post article here.

Katharine Hill is UK Director Care for the Family. She is married to Richard and they have four grown-up children. Katharine also speaks at our marriage events.