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Why should couples take the time for a marriage preparation course?

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The best way to prepare for marriage – an interview with Katharine Hill.

There’s this growing concept of using a marriage preparation course. Do you think these are important?

I think they are really, really important. We’ve been married thirty two years, we didn’t do marriage preparation and looking back I think we’d have benefited if we had. It gives couples the opportunity to learn how to invest in, what is probably, the most important relationship that we have.

You know, if you think about it, you learn how to drive a car, we learn how to cook, we could do courses on almost anything, and it’s so important then that we can try and learn the tools to build a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime.

What would you say to the couple that’s not yet convinced about taking a course?

What I would say to them is it’s a really fun thing to do; you learn things like how to communicate, how to show each other you love each other –  it’s just a fun evening spent together.

You don’t have to talk to anyone else, you can just talk to each other, and you discover things that you think are normal because it’s the way you’ve done it in your family, and you discover that your fiancé sees the world a little differently. It’s great to have all that stuff in place before you get married.

So if I’m engaged and looking for a course, where could I get one of these?

Firstly I would really recommend you do one, then check out our website and look out for a great course we have called Marriage by Design. There’s lots of other courses available as well, but that is the Care for the Family one.

Be sure to check out Marriage by Design if you’re engaged and looking for a marriage preparation course. Available as a Couple’s Pack for home use, or look out for our Group Leader’s Pack and run your own course.

Katharine Hill is UK Director Care for the Family. She is married to Richard and they have four grown-up children. Katharine also speaks at our marriage events.