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Mother’s Day 2017!

Flowers? Check. Chocolates? Check. Something practical for mum? Check! Practical parenting can always result in happy parenting! That’s what you’ll find in Tanith Carey’s Mum Hacks – full of tips that will help any mum deal with the busyness of day-to-day life.

Get ‘hacks’ on morning mayhem, behaving better, happy holidaying, housework hacks and more in Mum Hacks – Time-Saving Tips to Calm the Chaos of Family Life for only £9.99.

This book is great for mums of children all ages. A great hands-on guide to fitting it all in so mum can find time to relax and be a great parent.

Mum Hacks will show any mum how to:

  • Head off mess before it happens
  • Get kids to do what they’re asked the first time, not the 20th!
  • Stop sibling squabbles and avoid homework rows
  • Stay in shape and look good, even when you’ve barely had time to dress



The Sixty Minute Mother will help every mum ensure she makes the very best of her relationship with her child.

Issues covered include:

  • Why do I sometimes feel so guilty?
  • My children are teenagers now – what happened?
  • Should I work full-time or stay at home?
  • I love my kids – but is it all right not to like them occasionally?
  • Single mums: the challenge and the hope



This hilarious, engaging little book is packed full with great ideas to help any really really busy parent find that extra minute, to enjoy their kids and to make the very most of every precious moment.

There is no one way to be the perfect parent. But there are a hundred ways to be a great parent.