Many people with children put their own goals on the back burner for a while, but plans and goals can help us feel positive about ourselves.

Plans and goals might be practical, such as books to read, crafts to learn, achievements at work, or less tangible, perhaps, thinking about how you want to change as a person this year, or what you want to teach your children.

It’s good for the goals to be measurable and have realistic timescales. I love ticking items off a list, but I’m also a great procrastinator, so if I don’t have time steps in place, and prioritise my goals, I know I won’t get things done.

Maybe you want to climb a mountain as a family, or tell your kids every day that you love them. How are you going to make it happen?

If you’re not sure where to start, grab a coffee and a pen and brainstorm the answers to some of these questions:

  • What do I love to do?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What makes me feel good?
  • What things would I like to do?
  • What do I want to learn?
  • What people do I like to spend time with?

Is there one of those questions that made you go, ‘oooooh’? Start there.

Make sure you have some longer term goals as well. Life is seasonal, and one day your children will leave home. Make sure you have some thoughts and plans about the future which don’t depend on the children. What are some of your dreams in life, short term and long? How are you going to get started?

Choose one thing you can do today, one thing this weekend and one thing this month, and get started.

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