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Alien frog

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A fun frog with lots of legs

You will need:

  • paper or card
  • straws
  • craft cord (bought from Hobbycraft)
  • sticky tape and glue stick
  • green and grey coloured paint
  • black felt tip
  • magnet.

How to make:

1. Cut out a frog template for the body and head from the card or paper.

2. Cut out the required number of feet (the picture shows 6 feet for our alien frog).

3. Paint the body and feet of the frog using the green paint.

4. Paint some grey paint splodges on the body and face.

5. Cut out some eye shapes using the card, and stick onto the head using the glue stick.

6. Cut 5cm lengths of the straw – this will be used to thread the craft cord for the legs.

7. Stick 3 pieces of straw to the back of the frog.

8. Thread three different lengths of the craft cord through the straws and stick the feet at each end using some sticky tape.

9. Use the black felt tip to draw on a mouth.

10. To finish off stick the magnet to the back of the frog using the glue stick.

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