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Angelic heavenly hosts

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You will need:

  • Paper plate (white)
  • Gold or yellow card
  • Old pair of tights (natural colour if possible)
  • Cotton wool
  • Wool (for hair)
  • Glitter (for decoration)
  • Pens/pencils (for decoration)
  • Sticky tape and/or glue

How to make:

1. Cut a circle out of an old pair of tights (about 8cm in diameter) to make the angel’s head.

2. Put a ball of cotton wool in the centre and, making sure the cotton wool is completely covered, pull the edges of the material together, twisting them tightly around it. Secure it in place with sticky tape.

3. Now take the paper plate to make the angel’s body. Cut a slit from the edge into the centre of the plate and roll it into a cone shape. Fasten this together with sticky tape. (Alternatively, use coloured card by cutting it into a circular shape first).

4. Cut the point at the top of the cone off to make a flat edge.

5. Insert the head into the top of the cone. Stick any over-hanging material on the head to the inside of the cone to attach it securely.

6. To make the angel’s wings fold a piece of yellow or gold card in half. Draw half a wing shape (like a butterfly) on one side of the card using the fold as the centre point. Now cut around this shape and unfold the card.

7. Attach the wings to the back of the angel, covering the join on the body – double sided sticky tape is really useful for this.

8. Decorate the angel as desired. Wool makes excellent hair and can be attached to the head using double-sided sticky tape. Cut a small circle out of either yellow or gold card to make a halo and secure on top of the head, hiding where the hair is attached.

Angelic Heavenly Hosts