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Balloon people

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Make these balloon characters that everyone will enjoy

You will need:

  • A selection of balloons
  • Wool
  • Strips of paper
  • Black marker pen
  • Double-sided sticky tape

How to make:

1. Blow up the balloon and tie a knot at the top. Children may need help with this.

2. Place pieces of double-sided sticky tape on the top of the balloon to stick on the hair.

3. Cut up lengths of coloured wool, any length to suit, and attach to the sticky-tape on top of the balloon.

4. Use the black marker pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth.

5. Take four strips of paper and fold in a concertina style to make the arms and legs.

6. Attach the arms and legs to the balloon with the double-sided sticky tape.

Children should be adequately supervised during all craft activities. Use of these ideas is at the discretion of the group leaders. Care for the Family cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage which might result from their use.