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Beautiful butterfly mask

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You will need:

• Plain white card
• Plastic bowl
• Water
• Paint
• Washing-up liquid
• Straws
• Coloured crayons/pencils/pens
• Glitter and sparkly things for decoration (optional)
• Pipe cleaners (optional)
• Scissors
• Elastic/string
• Hole punch

How to make:

Our instructions below are to bubble paint the patterns on the butterfly’s wings, but if time is limited or you would prefer to use a less messy method, use glitter or other bits and bobs for decoration.

1. To bubble paint the patterns on the butterfly’s wings, mix together a blob of paint (any colour), a little bit of washing-up liquid and some water in a small bowl. This could be done before the session begins to save time.

2. Use a straw to blow into the mixture so that there are lots of bubbles in the bowl.

3. Carefully place the card on top of the bubbles so that they pop and leave a pretty pattern. Repeat this as many times and with as many different colour combinations as you like.

4. Once the paint on the card has dried, fold it in half.

5. Using the fold as the central point, draw one half of a butterfly’s wings and in the middle of the wing draw a circle for the eye hole. Carefully cut out the wings and cut out the circular eye hole. Unfold the card to reveal a symmetrical set of wings and eye holes.

6. Optional – decorate the wings further with glitter or other bits and bobs (whatever you have lying around). You could also use pipe cleaners to make antennae for the butterfly.

7. To finish, use the hole punch to make a small hole on both sides of the butterfly. Carefully thread some elastic or string through these holes, ensuring it is behind the mask, so that it can be worn.

butterfly mask pic4