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Dancing frogs

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A great craft for froggy fun!

You will need:

  • 1 paper plate
  • 1 sheet of green card
  • 1 sheet of red card or paper
  • Green tissue paper
  • Googly eyes (or something similar to use for eyes)
  • Glue and/or Sticky tape
  • Piece of elastic or string

How to make:

1. Take the paper plate and fold it in half to make your frog’s mouth.

2. Cover the outside of the plate in green tissue paper to make it green and frog- like. You can overlap the green tissue inside of the plate as well to cover the inner rim of the plate

3. Cut a circle of red card/paper about the size of the inner rim of the plate. Stick this circle inside the plate to hide the edges of the green tissue paper and make your frog’s mouth.

4. Using the green card cut out 2 long strips to make legs, 2 pieces for the feet and 2 pieces for the eyes.

5. Fold up the strips of card that you are using for the legs to make a concertina. This will make your frog’s legs extra bouncy for dancing.

6. Attach one foot to the end of each leg and then attach the two legs to the body of your frog (the decorated plate).

7. Attach the green eye shapes to the top of the frog’s body (the decorated plate) and then place your googly eyes in the centre of each eye.

8. Finally, add some elastic to your frog at the back of his/her head to hang it up from.

9. Watch your frog dance for you!

Dancing frog