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Father’s day bunting

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Celebrate Father’s day with this fun bunting

You will need:

Empty cardboard cereal packets (approx. 4 boxes)

Left over wrapping paper and/or white paper

Black paper/card

Ribbon or string

Hole punch



A ruler

Coloured crayons/pencils/pens

Glitter and sequins (optional)

How to make:

1. Flatten out your empty cereal packets. Using a ruler draw the outlines for your triangles on the inside of the box. You will need 15 triangles, so draw them as close to each other as possible. They should be 10cm x 12cm (see below).

2. For the perfect triangular shape: measure halfway (5 cm) across the top of your triangle, and make a small mark. Then measure 11cm straight down from there and make another mark. Now draw your 12cm lines to that point at the bottom.

3. Carefully cut out your triangles.

4. Cover each shape with either left over wrapping paper or white paper. If you use white paper this can be decorated by the child – perhaps with pictures of them and their dad.

5. Using the black card/paper, cut out individual letters of the words “I Y you Daddy” (you can alter the message if you wish but allow a triangle for each letter, with a decorative blank one on either end, and in between, each word).

6. Stick your letters to the triangles.

7. Using the hole punch, make holes in each of the top corners of the triangles.

8. Thread your finished triangles onto your string/ribbon.

9. Enjoy your bunting.

Bunting Template