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Funky tie dye T shirt

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Kids will be proud to wear their finished design

You will need:

  • one white cotton t-shirt – old or stained t-shirts work well for this (the higher the cotton content the better the result)
  • elastic bands
  • rubber gloves
  • apron or protective clothing (old shirt etc.)
  • two plastic washing up bowl
  • dye
  • measuring jug
  • water.

What to do:

1. Before the session begins take one of the plastic bowls and make up the dye mixture in it, the instructions for making up the dye vary from company to company but it usually involves mixing the powder into a bowl of water – ensure the dye is well mixed in the water before you start. This just saves time when you get to the point of being ready to dye the t-shirts, you could do it later in the process.

2. Lay your t-shirt out in front of you and use elastic bands to gather up bits of the material. You can attach as many or as few bands as you like. The elastic bands are what stop the dye reaching the material and create the tie-dye effect, the more bands you add the more tie-dye effect you get.

3. Once you have added as many elastic bands as you desire you are ready to dye your t-shirt. At this point it would be advisable that the leader is the person to put the t-shirt in the dye, as this can be quite messy. To do this you need to be wearing rubber gloves and an apron this ensures that you do not get dye over your hands and/or your clothes.

4. Dip your t-shirt into the bowl of dye, the more dye the t-shirt absorbs the darker the final colour. If you would like to make a two colour tie-dye effect you would need two bowls of different coloured dye (I used red and purple for my design).

5. Once you have finished dying your t-shirt it needs to dry out, I would recommend collecting all the t-shirts in the spare washing up bowl and taking them home (you may want to rinse the t-shirts to remove any excess dye).

6. Having dried out the elastic bands can be removed from the t-shirt to reveal the design created.

7. You are now ready to wear your beautiful creation!!!

Please note, you may want to wash your tie-dye t-shirt separately from other clothing for the first wash in case the dye runs.