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Handy flower

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A handy use of baking cases

You will need:

  • A3 paper
  • Different coloured paints and paint brushes
  • Baking cases
  • Buttons, cake fancies, tissue paper, pasta or other decorations
  • Glue stick

To make the ‘handy’ flower:

1. Paint the child’s hand and arm and press them onto a piece of A3 paper. Make sure the child’s fingers are spread out as far as possible. This will be the stem of the flower.

2. Glue a baking case onto the paper at the top of each of the fingers and thumb.

3. Using a variety of colours, paint each of the cases.

4. Decorate the centre of each flower differently, using coloured pasta, buttons, cake fancies, rolled up tissue paper or whatever you have available.