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Jerry the giraffe

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You will need:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Yellow paint
  • White and brown card
  • Black, brown and yellow marker pens

How to make:

1. Paint the cardboard tube yellow to make the giraffe’s body and leave to dry.

2. Cut out blotches from the brown card and glue these all around the giraffe’s body.

3. Using the white card, cut out a circle 2” in diameter to make the giraffe’s mouth and nostrils, then colour this in with the yellow marker pen. Draw on the mouth and two nostrils with black marker pen. Glue onto the cardboard tube, near the top, but leaving enough space for the eyes.

4. Cut out two oblong-shaped eyes from the white card and colour in the pupils with black marker pen. Glue into place. (You could use googly eyes instead).

5. Finally, using the white card cut out two ears, two antennae and a tail. Outline these with brown marker pen and glue into place.