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Mother’s Day flower

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You will need:

• One large paper plate
• Selection of paints
• A4 sheet of white card
• Black marker pen
• Pencil
• Straw
• Glue
• Scissors

How to make:

1. Draw some petals around the inner circle of the paper plate.
2. Cut out around the petals (apart from where they are attached to the middle of the paper plate).
3. Paint the petals in a colour of your choice (we used yellow – see picture). You will find that the petals will automatically curl up once dried.
4. Using a different colour, paint the centre of the flower.
5. Once the paint is completely dry, use the black marker pen to write ‘I love my mummy because’ in the centre of the flower.
6. Allow the children to choose their own words to go on each petal.
7. Glue the flower onto an A4 sheet of paper and add a straw to make the stem.