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Mother’s Day heart

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Brighten any mum’s day with this hand-made card that doubles up as a photo or picture frame.

You will need:

• 1x piece of firm card
• 1x photo of you and your mum (or a hand-drawn picture)
• Glue
• Scissors
• Coloured pens/pencils
• Glitter, sequins etc. for decoration (optional)

How to make:

1. Select a piece of firm card in any colour you prefer. The card needs to be firm to help the finished item stand up on it’s own.
2. Fold the piece of card in half, first deciding whether you want your card to be portrait (with the fold on the left-hand side) or landscape (fold at the top).
3. On the front of your card, draw the outline of a heart.
4. Carefully cut out the heart shape to create a window in the front of your card.
5. Place a photo (or picture) inside the card, ensuring it is lined up so that it can be seen through the window. When you are happy with it’s position, glue it in place.
6. Your basic card is now complete! However, you could let your creative juices flow and add decorations using glitter, sequins or any other items you may have lurking at the bottom of your craft box.
7. A handwritten note inside the card makes it more personal, but be careful that you can’t see the writing through the heart-shaped window, as this will spoil the photo frame effect.

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