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Musical shaker

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Make your own music with this craft idea!

You will need:

  • A toilet roll or kitchen roll tube
  • A small hand full of rice, beans, chickpeas or something similar (this will make the noise in the shaker)
  • A piece of either paper or card ( plain or coloured)
  • Two elastic bands
  • A pair of scissors
  • Decorations (optional) – paint, glitter, tissue paper, wool, felt tip pens/crayons etc.
  • Glue (if required)

How to make:

1. Take your toilet roll tube – this will make up the body of your shaker. You can wrap or glue some tissue or coloured paper onto the tube at this point to create a base colour. This will be helpful when the shaker is assembled and you are ready to decorate it.

2. Take your piece of card/paper and fold it in half.

3. Draw a circle on this folded card/paper. The circle should be large enough to cover the end of your toilet roll tube with some spare. A mug is a good size to use. Once you’ve drawn the circle you will need to cut it out. As the card/paper is folded in half you should now have two circles.

4. Place one of the circles over one end of the tube and secure in place using an elastic band.

5. Now put the handful of rice, beans, chickpeas etc. inside your tube. Make sure the covered end is at the bottom when you do this.

6. Attach the other circle to the non-sealed end of the tube using an elastic band. You now have your basic shaker ready to use.

7. You can now decorate your shaker with all sorted of things. glitter and leftover bits of wrapping paperwork quite well.

NB: You can try using different things inside your shakers to get different noises. We have used rice, but you could use any dried pulse or even sand to experiment with different sounds.

Musical shaker