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Sailing boat

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Make and race your own sailing boats

You will need:

  • A straw
  • A plastic food container to make the body of the boat e.g. empty milk container, vegetable punnet, take-away container (anything will do as long as it will float)
  • Card or paper for the sail (leftovers from other crafts work well for this or even scraps of material if you have them)
  • Crayons/felt tip pens/pencils/water-proof paints to decorate
  • Blu-Tack
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape and/or glue
  • Decorations e.g. glitter, tin foil, scraps of card/paper (optional)

How to make:

1. Take the empty (and cleaned) plastic container and put it flat on a flat surface to work on. This will be the main body of the boat.

2. Roll some Blu-Tack into a ball and place it in the centre of the bottom of the container. Gently press down on the Blu-Tack so that it is firmly attached.

3. To create the mast and sail for the boat use the straw and some card, paper or material. Cut out a triangle shape which is roughly two-thirds of the height of the straw and as wide as half the length of the body of the boat.

4. Attach the triangle to the straw to create a sail and mast. To do this, roll the long side of the triangle once around the straw (just to hide the straw) and then secure in place using a piece of Sticky tape.

5. Attach the mast to the boat by inserting the bottom of the straw securely into the Blu-Tack.

6. If desired, decorate the boat by using anything that you have to hand – glitter, buttons, tin foil, oddments of material, scrap paper etc. We recommend that you put the child’s name on the sail as this makes the boat easier to identify when sailing and racing it.

Floating boat