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Small changes can make a big difference

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While being a parent can be hugely rewarding, it can also be a real challenge at times.

Care for the Family knows it isn’t always easy raising children. That’s why we run Time Out for Parents courses, to help mums and dads grow in confidence – both in themselves and in their parenting skills – and build strong, healthy relationships with their children.

One of the things parents often tell us on these courses is how small changes, such as taking time to stop and listen, have dramatically improved their relationship with their child. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make a real difference and help family relationships feel more enjoyable and fun.

Run by parents, for parents, our courses offer practical tips and ideas, with group discussions where everyone can share their thoughts and concerns. Each one has a helpful, easy-to-read handbook and a series of home tasks to help parents build on their strengths and give them time and space to think about any changes they want to make. Find out more about out Time Out for Parents courses.

Becoming a facilitator

If you have a passion to support families, why not train with Care for the Family to become a licensed facilitator, and deliver our popular range of courses to parents in your community? To run our Time Out for Parents courses you will need to complete the Time Out for Parents Facilitator Training, which is fully accredited and provides valuable professional development. If you have appropriate qualifications, it may not be necessary for you to attend both our training events. Find out more about Approved Prior Learning.

For more information visit our training pages. Alternatively, you can email us or call us on 0292 0810 800 if you have any further questions.