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Stained glass Easter window

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You will need:

  • 1x square of clear sticky-back plastic (16cm x 16cm)
  • 1 sheet of coloured paper or card
  • Tissue paper – assorted colours
  • Scissors
  • Pen/pencil
  • Blu tac


1. Take your piece of sticky-back plastic and flip it over so you have the paper side facing you. Draw the outline of a pattern on the paper backing of the sticky-back plastic (this is the pattern that will guide you in making your stained glass window).

2. Using the scissors, cut four strips using the coloured card/paper. These strips will make the frame for your stained glass window. 2cm wide x 16cm long works best.

3. Peel off the paper backing from your sticky-back plastic square. Place the paper backing on the table with the pattern facing up. Now place the sticky-back plastic over the top of the paper (sticky side facing you) so that you can see the pattern through the sticky-back plastic

4. Stick your paper/card strips along the four edges of your sticky-back plastic square to frame your window.

5. Roughly tear some tissue paper into little pieces – these will form the ‘glass’ in your stained glass window.

6. Using the pattern as a guide stick bits of tissue paper to the sticky-back plastic to build up your stained glass effect. Remember to cover all sticky back plastic – you don’t want to have any clear bits left when you finish.

7. Once the tissue paper is added to your design you have finished your stained glass window.

To protect the back of your design you can stick another square of sticky-back plastic over the back of your window (over the tissue paper). However this is optional as the window will work just as well without it.

I find blu tac works well for hanging and you are now ready to hang your creation in a window and watch the light stream through!

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