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Valentine gift

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12th February 2021

You will need:

• Red paper plates
• Hole punch
• Stapler
• Wool
• Tissue paper
• Sticky tape
• Cut out heart shapes
• Chocolates or fudge

How to make:

1. Take two red paper plates and cut one in half.
2. Staple them together around the edges to form a pocket. Use only three staples per pocket as you will need room to punch holes around the edge.
3. Punch holes around the edge of the pocket.
4. Wrap some sticky tape around one end of a piece of wool to make the wool easy to thread.
5. Thread the wool through the holes and secure the ends to the wrong side with sticky tape.
6. Decorate the pocket with cut out hearts.
7. Write ‘I love you’ on the pocket (optional).
8. Line the bottom of the pocket with tissue paper.
9. Fill the pocket with homemade or favourite chocolates or fudge.

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