Left to Their Own Devices? Confident Parenting in a World of Screens: 3rd edition

Left to Their Own Devices? Confident Parenting in a World of Screens: 3rd edition



“How can I monitor my child’s screen time after a year of lockdowns and school online?”

“How do I hold a conversation with my fifteen-year-old, whose phone needs to be surgically removed from her hand?”

“How do I stop my three-year-old from throwing an ‘iPaddy’ when screen time is over?”

Fifteen years ago, we didn’t need to ask these questions, but today they are very real, and even more so following the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents need answers!

Katharine Hill explores the impact of the digital world on teenagers and younger children, giving up-to-date practical advice on all the important issues. She addresses the impact of everything from screen time, social media, and gaming to more serious issues such as online bullying, grooming and pornography. This third edition, complete with up-to-the-minute research, has been comprehensively revised in the light of the pandemic, offering new content and fresh insight into how we can confront recent technological challenges and changes.

Whether you are cradling a newborn or riding the rollercoaster of the teenage years, a stranger to Snapchat or have two thousand followers on Twitter, this book is for you. Katharine equips mums and dads to not only cope with bringing up children in the age of digital technology but to be on the front foot – confidently parenting in a world of screens.

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Author: Katharine Hill

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