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Because family life matters
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Faith in the Family Teaching Pack


Faith in the Family Conference Teaching Pack

Growing as couples in our walk with God, nurturing our children’s faith, taking God’s love to those in our community – as Christians we long to put these into practice, but the reality is that modern family life often makes it easy for these desires to take a back seat.

So how can we best live out our faith within our families? This practical teaching set explores the issues.


Plenary sessions (on DVD and CD):

Rob Parsons – Why it matters

  • The importance of faith to family, community and society.

Katharine Hill – Real families

  • The role of the family
  • Pressures from outside and within
  • The significance of vulnerability, connection, support and grace

Nicky and Sila Lee – Faith in the home

  • The opportunities and challenges of living out faith
  • Helpful principles for marriage, parenting, church family life, friendships, prayer and lifestyle values

Gavin Calver – The role of the church

  • Supporting marriages, parents and families in need and evangelism

Philip Jinadu – Making a difference

  • Getting ready and equipped to impact the lives of others



Gavin Calver – It takes a whole church to raise a child (CD and DVD)

Supporting, growing and inspiring a new generation into lifelong discipleship.

Philip Jinadu – Opening our doors (CD and DVD)

Making your home a hub of mission and service to others.

Katharine Hill – As for me … No thanks! (CD only)

Being family when belief is in question.

Nicky and Sila Lee – Putting God at the centre of marriage (CD only)

The challenges and rewards of walking with God as a couple.