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Raising Faith Box Cover

Raising Faith Sessions – DVD pack


Raising Faith is a flexible, six-part resource that explores how Christian families can create strong and healthy foundations of faith in their children.

Each session provides the content for a two-hour, stand-alone session and gives parents and carers the opportunity to discuss their own experiences and explore some key parenting principles.

The DVD pack, includes a Group Leader’s Guide, eight booklets for parents and access to download the free digital version.

If you only want to receive the sessions as a free digital download you can register here.

The key themes:
  • Building faith through everyday life
  • Creating the right environment to nurture faith
  • Making your faith visible
  • Different ways we connect with God
  • Doubts and questions
  • Belonging in the church

Raising Faith is presented by Katharine Hill and Andy Frost and features wisdom from a range of guest experts including Dr Krish Kandiah (Home for Good), Rachel Turner (Parenting for Faith) and Mark Chester (Who Let the Dads Out?).

Video features include:
  • Real-life family interviews
  • Presenter teaching
  • Advice from experts
  • Family vox pops
  • Animations teaching key concepts

Check out this taster session on making your faith visible.

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Additional resources

  • Click here to order additional Session Notes for your group
  • Download a digital copy of the Group Leader’s Guide [click here]
  • A4 poster – to download and print [click here]
  • Standard screen size PowerPoint slide – to advertise at church or on social media [click here]
  • Widescreen size PowerPoint slide – to advertise at church [click here]

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