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Mum Hacks

Mum Hacks – Time Saving Tips to Calm the Chaos of Family Life


Mum Hacks – Time-saving Tips to Calm the Chaos of Family Life.

Parenting has come to feel like an unwinnable race against a stop-watch.

One in three families now has both parents in full-time work. Another two million parents are raising kids on their own.

On top of that, economic uncertainty, the long hours culture and the creeping tendrils of technology, which means work follows us home, means that UK parents work longer days than any other nation in Europe.

Pulled in every direction, the result is that many of today’s mums and dads spend most of their time feeling burnt-out, and struggling to keep up.

This book will tell you how to:

  • Spot the toys, kids clothes and basic equipment, from bibs to bottles, that will make less work for you.
  • Head off messy disasters in the kitchen and throughout the house before they happen, instead of spending hours on your hands on knees.
  • Stock up on food to always have in your cupboard to make a meal (when you just can’t make it to the shops with screaming kids in tow.)
  • Cut your make-up time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes and find the coat, handbag and wardrobe that will take you from baby to boardroom.
  • Deliver discipline that works the first time.
  • Stop your laundry and ironing piles from stalking you.
  • Find the time to stay in shape and lose weight – even when the kids don’t give you time to exercise.

(Information from author Tanith Carey)

Please be aware this is an updated version of ‘How to Be an Amazing Mum When You Just Don’t Have the Time’ by Tanith Carey. 

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