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The Sixty Minute Family

The Sixty Minute Family


In The Sixty Minute Family, Rob offers ten life lessons for a strong family life, drawn from his own experience and from his encounters with people around the world. Combining practical wisdom and accessible advice with a wide range of case studies – and an engaging style – the book looks at issues including making time for each other, taking time to talk, the power of encouragement, parenting styles, handling conflict, the magic of traditions, appreciating the extended family and seizing the moment.

“Inspiring, sensible and practical… I believe this book could revitalise any family and make good ones even better.” – David Lumsdon, Senior Educational Psychologist, Northumberland County Council & Newcastle University

“This is no ordinary self-help manual. Elegantly and compellingly written, with both sensitivity and humour, it offers an insight into the everyday challenges experienced by real-life families and how they can be overcome.”  – Ned Temko, The Observer

“Reading this may be the best sixty minutes you will ever spend.” – Suzie Hayman, BBC radio agony aunt


Author: Rob Parsons


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