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From This Step Forward

From This Step Forward

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Stepfamilies are the fastest growing family type in the UK, but according to a Care for the Family survey, only 7% of those marrying again had received any specific guidance about marrying a partner with children. Yet the issues involved are not the same as for couples marrying for the first time. Stepfamilies are different!

Are you involved in helping couples prepare for marriage?

If so, this unique marriage preparation course for stepfamilies will enable you to offer guidance to these couples, for their benefit, and for the children’s.

Are you part of a stepfamily, or about to get married and form a stepfamily?

If so, you can use this course as a couple, with or without the help of a facilitator. It will help you build a strong relationship on which to build your stepfamily.

  • Is a unique and flexible course
  • Looks at practical, emotional and financial issues
  • Explores issues with former partners and with the wider family
  • Offers help in the couple relationship and in parenting relationships
  • Can be used in groups or with just one couple at a time

Please note: The course material comes as downloadable PDF files to your email, so you can print off the material as many times as you like. Therefore please note there is no hard-copy of this product.

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