How can we best live out our faith within our families?

For many of us, the reality is that the pressures and busyness of modern family life often make it easy for faith to take a back seat.

As parents, we long to nurture our children’s faith, but often feel we are failing in the task. It may seem daunting, yet we have a special bond with our children which means we can be effective in ways no one else can.

The good news is, you’re not on your own! We’ve got some great projects, events and resources to help you find new ways of keeping faith at the heart of your family.Raising children can be a physical and emotional rollercoaster! And that’s why mums and dads need all the support they can get – to help them through both the joys and challenges of being a parent. Connect to the Kitchen Table Project community online and on social media to encourage you to find ways to inspire faith in your children.We’ve got a great selection of Raising Faith resources to help you, wherever you are on the journey. With our easy to pick up, magazine-style book, and our small group resource – Raising Faith can equip you for the journey ahead.We have a range of other resources, events and courses that encourage and strengthen faith in family life. Check them out here!We carried out research to explore what parents in the UK are currently doing to nurture their children’s faith, and how churches are supporting them in that venture. Download the full report to find out more, and click through to read how churches and denominations compare across the UK.

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