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Time Out for Dads

If you are a dad, this course is for you! Helping you look at good foundations and having fun together, whether you're parenting on your own or in a relationship.

There are four sessions which focus on the importance of fathers and help you to build a positive relationship with your children.

How does it work?

Sharing ideas with other dads is a key part of the course, and discussions are based around real-life scenarios to help ground the material. Each session includes space to plan any changes you want to make in your parenting, and from session 2 there will be an opportunity to discuss how you are getting on putting this into practice.

What’s in the course?

Starting by looking at the importance of dads and thinking about our own fathers, we then explore how from simply reacting to situations, we can move on to taking positive action for change.

“This course has been an excellent eye-opener in terms of understanding my role as a father and also the needs of my children.”

We follow this by concentrating on how to build our child’s self-esteem as we meet their emotional needs by spending time with them. There are helpful ideas on handling negative emotions and enabling children to express their feelings.

What parenting style do you have? We look at a style which gives leadership, develops a healthy relationship and discover the value of having different discipline strategies for different ages.

One of the most important jobs a father does is ‘letting go’ – allowing our growing children to be responsible for their own actions and decisions. The tricky thing is knowing when and how to do that! The final session looks at how we can protect children in a tough world and prepare them for adult life.

Session titles:
  • Session 1 – What are dads for?
  • Session 2 – Love and all that stuff
  • Session 3 – Training and discipline
  • Session 4 – Leadership in a tough world
Optional session:
  • Stepfamilies

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