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How can I facilitate Positive Parenting courses?

We want all our Positive Parenting courses to be delivered well by our licensed facilitators.

Our practical and interactive, high quality training is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to work effectively in groups with parents.

To run our core range of parenting courses you will need to gain a core Facilitator Licence by completing both of our trainings:

Facilitating Groups

and also

Working with Parents *


Our core range of Positive Parenting courses includes:

TOFP The Early YearsTOFP The Primary YearsTOFP The Teenage Years

TOFP DadsTOFP Anger Parent Handbook Cover Drug proof your kids


Children with Special Needs

In addition to our core courses we also have a specialist course, Children with Special Needs, which contains additional sessions on both ASD and ADHD.

To run this specialist parenting course you will need to gain a core facilitator licence and following this attend an additional familiarisation day.

TOFP Children with Special Needs

Our trainers

We are widely experienced with a range of backgrounds in social work, education, health education and Special Needs education. We meet a minimum standard, qualified to the Training Parent Educators (TPE) Award or equivalent, and have practical experience of working with groups, supporting parents and couples and running parenting courses.


Facilitator licence

Once you have completed your training you will be issued with a facilitator licence for a period of 24 months. This will be renewed for a further 24 months when you register at least one course within this time period and return course documentation to Care for the Family.

We provide our licensed facilitators with on-going support by phone, a facilitator-only Facebook group, dedicated webpages and e-newsletters.


* If you have completed appropriate prior training with a recognised provider, and have facilitated courses, it may not be necessary for you to attend both our training events to receive a licence to facilitate our core Positive Parenting courses. Find out more about Approved Prior Learning

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