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Steward at an event

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Join the team at one of Care for the Family's inspiring events

For over 25 years Care for the Family has been running live events, at locations throughout the UK, at which our experienced speakers tackle the tricky and challenging issues of family life.

In order to run our large evening seminars we often require a team of volunteer stewards to help on the night – greeting delegates, taking tickets, assisting with seating, helping on the resources stand etc. As a steward you’ll have free reserved seating for the event itself, so won’t miss anything of the event!

If you would like to be contacted about stewarding, simply indicate you’d be willing to steward by completing this short online form, we’ll make a note of this, and when an event comes to your area a member of the team will get in touch to see if you are available. If you are free we’ll arrange for you to steward at the event.

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