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Supporting those who adopt or foster

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Could you be a volunteer support co-ordinator?

We are looking for volunteers with personal experience and understanding of adoptive parenting or foster caring.

Could you be our main point of contact in your region – to help adoptive parents and foster carers get in touch with each other?

The aim is to help adoptive parents and foster carers, and those thinking about it, to make contact with each other – forming natural networks of support, and sharing information with each other. We hope it will also encourage more people to start support groups for those who adopt and foster.

As we’ve spoken to adoptive parents and foster carers around the country, and held meetings, it’s become clear that people really value being in touch with others who understand. They want that personal contact with others in similar circumstances or facing the same challenges, to share information and ideas, and for mutual encouragement.

Home for Good are seeking a number of volunteers, who would be willing to help network people together for mutual support. Visit the Home for Good website to find out more.

This role is part of the wider Home for Good initiative, which was started by Care for the Family, the Evangelical Alliance, and CCPAS. You can find out more at

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