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Supporting bereaved people

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Can you help to give hope to the bereaved?

Care for the Family’s dedicated team of volunteer befrienders provide support and give hope to those who have suffered from the loss of a child or who have been widowed while still young, through telephone and email befriending.

We are also building a team of volunteers who will work in their local area equipping churches to give effective bereavement support. They will also link with other providers of services to bereaved people (registrars, funeral directors, NHS professionals etc) letting them know about the resources that are available (including Care for the Family’s Bereaved Parent Support and Widowed Young Support projects).

Volunteers within our bereavement support network will need to be able to represent our Christian ethos and will be given appropriate training.

If you would like to register your interest in joining the team to support bereaved people, we would be delighted to hear from you – just complete this form.

Bereaved Parent Befrienders

All of our bereaved parent befrienders have themselves lost a child and know first-hand the grief and isolation this brings. If you have lost a child, and now feel able to explore the possibility of supporting other bereaved parents please let us know.

Widowed Young Befrienders

In the same way all of our widowed young befrienders have themselves lost a partner at a young age, and understand the heartache and devastation this brings. If you have been widowed while still young and feel able to come alongside and support others experiencing this ordeal, please get in touch.

Bereavement Volunteers

If you have a heart for bereaved people and would like to be involved in your local area, enabling many more bereaved people and families to get the support they need through equipping the local church and through working with registrars, funeral directors and NHS professionals – we would love to hear from you.

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