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Widowed young support events 2021

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Our 2021 summer online WYS support days will be on Saturday 15 May and on Saturday 17 July.

They start at 9.45 am and end at 3.15 pm. There are three sessions with ample rest breaks and most of the time together is in small groups.

These days allow you to relax completely in the company of people who understand first-hand the pain of loss. The three sessions cover:

  • The feelings and emotions associated with loss
  • The power of storytelling
  • Finding comfort, hope and a way forward

There will be opportunities to share informally in small groups. There is more information on our web page and how to book.

Some attendee feedback from previous online support days:

“Seeing people in the room instantly helped me feel not alone in having gone through some kind of hell. Talking has been beneficial beyond how I may have imagined. The people in my group have helped me immensely today and I’ll be forever grateful to them”.

“This has been good as I have now some links to others in similar situation. My answer to isolation is impacted by COVID in terms of feeling isolated and impact it has on grieving”.

“It has definitely helped to meet others who feel such similar things to me. I think today was well-organised and it was good to have plenty of facilitators and helpers to get conversations started”.

“Really helpful to talk to people that are further along in the journey – shows there is hope”.

“I don’t feel in as much despair as I was coming into today’s session”.