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Because family life matters

Who’s who

Care for the Family has over 80 staff across the UK.

Care for the Family provides a wide range of support in three key areas of family life – marriage, parenting and bereavement. This includes marriage and parenting courses, bereavement support, family breaks and faith in the family, as well as a wide range of resources in support of each of these core areas. We have a staff of 76, supported by 582 volunteers across the UK.


John O’Brien
Norman Adams
Paul Francis
Yolanda Ibbett


Rob Parsons – Chief Executive
Katharine Hill – UK Director
Paula Pridham – Executive Director
Robin Vincent – Director

Lisa Higgins – Lead Manager – Research & Impact
Hilary Beard – Lead Manager – Family Life
Julian Perkins – Lead Manager – Church Engagement
June Way – Lead Manager – Resources
Drew Firth – Lead Manager – Logistics
Hugh Griffiths – Lead Manager – Digital Engagement
Philip Lyndon-Jones – Lead Manager – Customer Care


Rob Parsons
Katharine Hill
Gerrit Bantjes
Philip Jinadu
Cathy Madavan