Our popular community courses look to support you in your relationship whether you are preparing to get married or have been married for years.

These courses can be used together as a couple at home, by a group in the community, or if you’re looking to host an event specifically to support couples. The topics covered look to build and strengthen healthy relationships.

Every marriage is different, but all marriages experience ups and downs – there are the romantic times when the sun seems to be always shining, and the tough times when winter seems to have set in for good. That’s why families need all the support they can get – not only to help them through the joys and challenges, but also to keep their own relationships strong. If you need additional information or support, visit our Couple Support pages by clicking the button below.

You may be interested in the Prepare-Enrich programme which helps couples to prepare for marriage, enrich their relationship, or review and improve their co-parenting by taking stock of their strengths and growth areas.  Click the button for information about accessing their programme or training to run it yourself can be found .

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