One definition of a valley is a low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a river or stream flowing through it.

This may conjure up a beautiful place in your mind’s eye or a place of harshness and danger.

Another example perhaps though is a place where darkness or death are metaphorical valleys that we will at some time walk through as part of our human experience.

In Death Valley there is much beauty with colourful rock formations beautiful wild flowers and many different species of birds, animals and reptiles. There are beautiful sunsets where the sun changes colour as it sets. However, it can also be a lonely, dangerous and desolate place.

As you walk through your unique valley at the moment it may seem dark and the mountain tops and sun may be hidden from view by dark clouds. The sun is still there though. One day you may glimpse the sun via the kindness of a stranger or the thoughtfulness of a friend or family member as they support you. The clouds may evaporate as you connect with somebody who understands your loss, who gets it.

A well-trodden path, which often follows the river, is important to navigate through a valley and so is a guide. That is where we at Care for the Family can help. We in Widowed Young Support (WYS) have been in our own valley too and experienced the darkness and desolation there, but have also seen beauty there too in people we have met and been guided by those who have travelled the well-trodden path before us.

We have at times been guided to a vantage point reaching the sunshine beating down on the snow-capped peaks and looked back on an amazing view of the different aspects of the valley, seeing beauty down there you can sometimes only see from above.

Let us in WYS and Care for the Family be your guide to help you find the beauty that exists in your valley. Find out more about how we can support you.

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