When a storm hits, it can shake even the greatest of ships.

The same can be said of facing job loss as a couple – it can impact even the strongest of relationships. From money worries to changes in routine, communication struggles to emotional strain, handling these pressures together takes grace, determination and most of all, teamwork.

Here are some tips for navigating these waters well:

Deal with financial worries head on

Losing a job might lead to financial uncertainty and it can be so tempting to just bury our heads in the sand. As hard as it may be, the best thing we can do is to sit down, review our budget and look for areas where we can cut back. Focusing on finding solutions to manage bills and expenses during this tough season can make an enormous difference.  

Be open to new roles and routines

When one partner is no longer working, roles can shift. It’s important to have open conversations about these changes and what it means for each of us. By discussing how we can balance household tasks we can ensure that we both feel valued and understood. It can take some time to adapt to these new ways of living, but committing to these changes can help to keep our relationships strong in the long run

Don’t stop communicating 

Losing a job can be really hard on our emotions but bottling up our feelings won’t help Sharing our thoughts and feeling openly can make all the difference. We may have different worries and concerns than our partner, and that’s okay. What’s important is that we’re honest about what we need – whether that’s a listening ear or some extra emotional support. 

Recognise that you’re both under stress 

The pressure of job loss can be really heavy don’t try to bear it alone. Leaning on each other for support is so important during these difficult times. We’re a team and we’re in this together. Reminding our partner that they’re loved and supported can have a massive impact.  

Be flexible with future plans 

Job loss can put a pause on future plans, like buying a house or starting a family. And while there will be some disappointment and frustration, this is an opportunity to re-evaluate and adjust our goals as a team. We can work together to make a new plan that works with our current circumstances, and remaining flexible can help us to stay united. 

Facing job loss will never be easy. It brings with it many different pressures and challenges. There will be so many things that we can’t control on the journey, but we can choose to face these storms together, as a team.  


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